The majority of courses that I teach aim to engage students in understanding the historical development of race, class, and gender in American culture. The courses also focus on how media is often a purveyor of representations about marginalized groups.

Grand Valley State University (2022 – Present)
INT 201: Diversity in the United States (Online + Face to Face)
AAS 201: Intro to African American Studies (Online + Face to Face)

University of Michigan (2017 -2022) (Selected Courses)

COMM 404: Minorities, Representation, & the Media (Instructor of Record)
COMM 101: The Mass Media (Graduate Instructor)
AAS 254: The History and Evolution of Hip-Hop (Graduate Instructor)

University of Illinois at Chicago (2014 -2016)
COMM 102: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (Teaching Assistant)

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